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Jonathan Rosenberg is a leading New York criminal defense lawyer and appellate advocate with offices in downtown Brooklyn and Midtown Manhattan. Trained in the practice of criminal defense Constitutional advocacy by Brooklyn’s very own Howard Greenberg Law Firm, Jonathan represents clients across all New York counties, in criminal matters ranging from misdemeanors to major felonies, from the time of arrest to the time of dismissal, negotiation, or trial. Between jury trials, Jonathan focuses his advocacy on perfecting appeals, drafting motions, and handling post-judgment matters across the State of New York. Depending on the nature of your case, Jonathan works with 3 to 5 attorneys who bring anywhere from 35 to 55 years of combined courtroom experience to fighting for your freedom at all stages of judicial process. As any exonerated individual would tell you, a well-organized defense team is much more effective than an overworked solo attorney who outsources written motions to a document mill. When you’re up against the resources of the government, you need a legal team that’s aggressive, creative, and imminently responsive. You need the best.

" my case fully dismissed..."
  • "Rosenberg got my cased fully dismissed the day of trial. He got the prosecution to admit that my ex was lying, and they even said so on the record. Case over thanks to an amazing lawyer who stood up for me the entire time. Would recommend him highly!" - D.K.
"I refused to take an ACD..."
  • "I refused to take an ACD (as I was innocent), so Jonny filed several sets of motions to get my cases fully dismissed. It took time and patience, but he was with me all the way." - A.C.
"Not Guilty."
  • "When the jury said, 'Not Guilty,' I was like thank God." - R.D.